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Aim of the Festival

To spread the message of Buddha for peace, harmony & happiness of the society through the great Art, Culture & Heritage of India.


Let’s join hands to strengthen the art, culture & heritage that support the principles of liberty, equality & fraternity


Education is what we use, culture is what we are. Education help us get livelihood, culture give us dignity & honor

Buddha Festival 2017

Encouraged by the success of the six consecutive Buddha Festivals in 2011 to 2016, Buddha Festival 2017 is organized on 22- 26 Frebruary 2017 at Deeksha Bhoomi, Nagpur, the modern capital of Buddhism in India. Nagpur Buddhist Centre (a unit of Triratna Bouddha Mahasangha) has again taken the initiative to promote the righteous way & the true heritage of India through art & culture.



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  • The Buddhist Centre

    Executive Director

    Welcome to our new space for the whole Triratna Buddhist Community and anyone who wishes to connect with others in the spirit of the Dharma. We’re excited to see what directions the site takes – thanks for being part of it! That doesn’t promote good conversation. If you’re upset at something you see here, perhaps let a little time pass before responding.
  • Bushindo Karate

    Karate Class

    Our India is the largest country in the world where maximum variety of man, mannerism, cult, culture, cast, traditions, and lifestyle which differ from place to place. Still we are together for more than 5000 years. India is covered with mountains, lands and there is full of variety and diversity, but still unique part about India is that, we are united.
  • National Buddhist Center


    Buddhism has tended to merge into the everyday life of the countries where it has taken root. Buddhist festivals have religious, social and historical dimensions, and in some countries these are numerous and very colourful.
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